Your QRS player system should compliment the life of your piano. QRS makes sure there is a path to insure that your piano's player technology is as relevant today as it was when you purchased it.
     Aesthetics are a huge factor in the purchase decision of any piano. Old, out-of-date box technology hanging on your piano diminishes its value. QRS always has offered a means of avoiding "The Box". Now, we have taken it a step further with full wireless control of the system.
     PNOscan integration gives you the possibility of networked lessons, performances and recordings. It provides position feedback of the key movements, improving accuracy and performance. Perform, practice, and playback with MIDI sounds built in.

Three ways to use your system:

Traditional Remote Control, insert music and push play - no networks, no iPods, no passwords.
WiFi enabled device - Interface is like a jukebox in your hand, offers stealth updates, instant music purchases, and easy playlist creation.
Legacy controllers you currently own big libraries of existing CDs are still good, continue to use the controls you know.